Pre- and Post-Treatment Kybella

Before Treatment with Kybella

If you’ve started any antibiotics or other medications since your initial visit, please let us know. You may not be treated if you are pregnant or nursing, have difficulty swallowing, nerve injury or weakness in the lower face, or an infection in the area. You must inform us if you are on blood thinners, or have ever had procedures or surgery of your lower face or neck.

Avoid aspirin for 10 days, ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil), other non-steroidal medications (Aleve) and Vitamin E, St. John’s Wort, and fish oil supplements for 5 days prior to the procedure, because these medications will make you more likely to bruise. If you have been prescribed one of these medications, ask your doctor before you stop taking it. Tylenol will not cause bruising and is preferred for the week prior to treatment. To avoid possible discomfort, you may take 1g of acetaminophen (i.e. Tylenol) one hour prior to your scheduled appointment.

Plan your procedure so that you can have 4 full days before returning to work or important social engagements. Consider having a scarf or other neck covering available to camouflage any swelling or bruising.

Have Zyrtec (or any antihistamine) available at home for discomfort and itching that may result from the procedure.

After Treatment with Kybella

After your treatment, you should expect swelling and redness. You may also experience bruising, pain and numbness. This will normally last less than 5 days, with the most severe swelling during the first two days, and may last up to 14 days.

Do not participate in strenuous activity for 3 days following treatment.

Massaging the Neck – After 3 days

After the first three days, you may begin massaging your neck to help the lymphatic system drain the treated area.

Lymph drainage is very different from traditional massage therapy. Here are some things to know:

–Your touch needs to be very light, 70% of the lymphatic vessels are located just underneath the skin. If you use too much pressure, you bypass these vessels. The lighter the touch, the more powerful the effect on the lymphatic system. Think about stroking a cat as you move through the steps.

–You’re not gliding across the skin. Rather, you’re very lightly stretching the skin. The lymphatic vessels are attached to the skin with small elastic fibers. When you stretch the skin, you’re manually pumping the lymphatic vessels simultaneously.

–The stretch will always be in the direction that the lymph flows normally, and it’s important to lift your hands off the skin at the end of the stretch. Otherwise, you’re simply moving the lymph back and forth.

–The lymphatic rhythm is slow. Take three full seconds to stretch the skin. Release your touch completely for three seconds. Then, repeat.  

Step 1: neck, just below the chin line

Hand Placement: Place the fingertips of one hand just under the point of your chin and stroke towards your earlobe. Make a few passes at progressively lower levels, each row moving towards your earlobe on the same side. Repeat other side.

Step 2: lateral neck (also called spinal chain)

Hand Placement: Place the pads of your fingers along the sides of your neck, just under your earlobes. Using light touch, stretch your skin slightly forward (anterior) and then down (inferior). Repeat stretch four times per side.

The steps can be performed a few times a day, as needed, starting on day 3 post injections treatment with Kybella and throughout the healing process as the body continues removing destroyed fat cells.