Pre and Post treatment guidelines for Emsculpt NEO

Before your treatment

-For optimal results, you should balance your hormones PRIOR to treatment with Emsculpt. This device is designed to build muscle and improve the quality of muscle functionality, something that is achievable with optimal testosterone levels. 

-The day before the treatment, drink at least two liters of water

-The day of your treatment, drink at least one liter of water (NOTE you can not receive Emsculpt treatments if you are dehydrated and must measure 45% for women and 50% for men on our hydration scale to start treatment)

-Remove any lotion from your skin before the treatment.

-Shave any body hair near and in the area to be treated.

After your treatment

-Do not exercise the treated area intensely for 24-48 hours (since we just exercised it for you)

-You may experience soreness to the treated area for up to 48 hours (much like after an intense workout)

-Results are not immediate and may require more than one series of 4 treatments to the target area depending on individual starting point and response. 

-To maintain results, complete a maintenance treatment at least once per quarter

Long-term results depend on you

Your future behavior will determine how well the procedure works for you. If you follow the guidelines below, your chances of improving your body composition will improve greatly.

1.     Maintain a healthy diet. Avoid fried foods, processed foods and foods high in sugar.

2.     Stay active. Regular exercises help the body to heal faster, burn fat, and it allows you to accelerate and enhance your results. If you do not have a regular exercise regimen, you should develop a regimen that includes resistance/weight training. Move in ways that you enjoy but make sure that you include weightlifting at least once per week, preferably twice weekly to maintain a healthy body composition.

3.     Consider additional treatments. If the first treatment is successful, you should consider adding a treatment to other areas if possible.