Before Your Appointment

To reduce the risk of bleeding and bruising, avoid the following for 2 days prior to treatment:

–Alcoholic beverages

–Anti-inflammatory medications including aspirin

–Vitamin E, fish oil or flaxseed oil

–Ginkgo Biloba

If you have a history of oral herpes (cold sores), you may want to start a course of antiviral medication from your primary care provider three days before your treatment

 NO TANNING – spray or sun – for one week prior to your treatment

 You must be 14 days post Botox treatment and 28 days post filler, deep peels and any laser treatment to receive microneedling safely.

After Your Treatment

Expect to have red skin in the treated area(s) for 24-48 hours

Do not massage, scratch or rub the treated area(s)

Do not use Mia or other brand face scrubbers for one week

Do not use Arbonne ultrasound or other brand ultrasound wands for one week

void prolonged sun or UV exposure for at least 2 weeks

Avoid saunas and/or steam baths for 2 weeks to reduce the risk of bruising

Home Care and Next Steps

Until all redness has resolved + 2 days, you may ONLY use the following products:

–Gentle cleanser with NO exfoliating agents (no scrubs, retinols, or exfoliation of any kind)

–Gentle moisturizer with NO active ingredients (no retinols, no vitamin C, etc.)


–Mineral Makeup

 Unless otherwise instructed by your treating provider, DO NOT use anything other than the above four products while your skin is healing.  

Once all redness has resolved, resume your skin care regimen

After your final treatment: Schedule your follow up facial in 2-4 weeks