required blood work

Thank you for your interest in BioTE Medical®. In order to determine if you are a candidate for bio- identical testosterone pellets, we need laboratory and your history forms. We will evaluate your information prior to your consultation to determine if BioTE Medical® can help you live a healthier life.

Two week or more before your scheduled consultation:
Get your blood lab drawn at Cunningham Clinic, or at a LabCorp location of your choosing after you order blood work through this site. You may bring labs drawn elsewhere within the last three month, however we require the following blood work prior to pellet therapy. If your bloodwork is incomplete, please schedule a lab draw visit 2 weeks prior to your consultation/pellet appointment.

 Your blood work panel MUST include the following tests:

___ Estradiol
___ Testosterone Total

___ Testosterone Free (Men only)
___ PSA Total (Men only)
___ FSH (Women only)
___ TSH
___ T4, Total or Free
___ T3, Free – must be a Free T3
___ T.P.O. Thyroid Peroxidase
___ CBC
___ Complete Metabolic Panel
___ Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy
___ Vitamin B-12
___ Lipid Panel 
(Must be a fasting blood draw to be accurate)
___ Hemoglobin A1C

Male Post Insertion Labs Needed at 4 Weeks, 

Female Post Insertion Labs Needed at 6 Weeks:

___ Estradiol
___ FSH (Women only)
___ Testosterone Total (& Free for Men)
___ PSA Total (Men only, If PSA was borderline on first insertion)
___ CBC
___ Lipid Panel (Optional) 
(Must be a fasting blood draw to be accurate)
___ TSH, T4 Total, T3 Free, TPO (
Only needed if you’ve been prescribed thyroid medication )

Blood Work New Patients